Gifts for Gardeners: What to Get (And What to Avoid) for the Gardener in Your Life

Finding the perfect gifts for gardeners in your life can be challenging, especially if you are not a gardener yourself. However, there are some gifts for gardeners that are out there that are fail-proof to give any gardener in your life.

What are some of the best gardening gifts? The best gifts meet a gardener’s needs and your budget. We have compiled a full buyer’s guide that will help you with both.  We also have some advice on gifts to avoid.

Gift Price Range Function
Gardening Gloves $ Tools
Planter Box $$$ Tools
Planting T-Shirt $ Apparel
Succulent Candles $ Home Decor
Gardening Diary or Journal $ Books
Martha’s Flowers $ Books
Embroidered Sun Hat $ Apparel
Greenhouse Ornament $ Home Decor
Hanging Succulent Planter $ Tools/Home Decor
Tomato Trellis $ Tools
Garden Kneeling Pad $$ Tools
Black+Decker 20V Chainsaw $$$ Tools
Brush Grubber $$$ Tools
Mini Greenhouse $$ Tools/Home Decor
Garden Knife $$ Tools
Boot Scraper $ Tools
Garden Hose $$ Tools
Root Mushroom Growing Kit $$ Tools
Seed Starting Kit $ Tools
Tabletop Gardening Kit $$$ Tools
Self-Watering Planter $ Tools
Garden Sign $$ Home Decor
Grow Light $ Tools
Camping Wagon $$$ Tools

There are various factors to consider when determining which gift to choose for the gardener in your life. Some gifts are better for gardeners who already seem to have everything that they need, while others are best for beginners.

Best Gardening Gifts to Give the Gardener in Your Life

Here are various gifts for gardeners that will be excellent to give a gardener in your life.

Gardening Gloves $

A pair of gardening gloves are the perfect gift to give to the gardener who seems to have everything. A gardener can never have too many gardening gloves! Besides, there are so many colors and patterns of them out there that you simply can’t go wrong.

This pair of gloves from RZleticc is the perfect choice.

They are one size and will fit most hands. They are also thorn-proof, have an excellent grip, and are made with premium microfiber. Plus, the palm and knuckle area have padding to keep any gardener comfortable.

Planter Box $$$

A planter box can be a gorgeous way for a gardener to display their flowers or to grow fruits and veggies in a more eye-pleasing way.

This planter box from Keter will be perfect for the gardener in your life to grow any plant that they wish. It has a water gauge that’s easy to read so that they will know when their plants need some more moisture.

This planter box also has a drainage system as well as a water reservoir system to prevent over-watering and root decay. It will be perfect to use as a balcony planter or herb garden.

Planting T-Shirt $

The phrase “plants are friends” on this shirt from BLACKMYTH is not only cute and quirky, but the shirt itself is adorable as well! Your gardening friend will be sure to get a lot of wear out of it, whether it be in the garden or out and about.

Succulent Candles $

These tealight candles from SanSeng are to die for, and the gardener in your life will love to display them in their home.

These six separate succulent candles look incredibly realistic. They are a standard tealight size and made of a quality paraffin material that won’t generate acrid smoke.

Gardening Diary or Journal $

A diary or journal will be a dream come true for any gardener, such as the Gardener’s Log Book: A 5-Year Planner. This is one of those gifts that your loved one may have not even realized that they needed but will be one of the best gifts that they receive.

This Gardener’s LogBook is waterproof, so it is perfect to use while working in the garden to record work. It can be used through each season for various things, such as building wish lists, recording crops that you planted, noting the first signs of spring, and more. There is also a five-year grid at the start of each month as a space to mark down annual garden cycles.

Your gardener is sure to get a lot of use out of this logbook — it is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving!

Martha’s Flowers $

Did you know that Martha Stewart has a book all about her advice on growing, gathering, and enjoying? If the gardener in your life doesn’t already have Martha’s Flowers, then this is the perfect gift to give them.

It is a must-have book for flower gardeners and enthusiasts, no matter what age or skill level they are.

Embroidered Sun Hat $

An embroidered sun hat, such as this one from Funky Junque, will be another one of those presents to gift a gardener who seems to have everything. A gardener can always add another sun hat to their collection, and what is more perfect than an embroidered one?

This one is a must-have for working in the garden under the hot sun for hours on end.

Greenhouse Ornament $

Anyone who is garden-obsessed needs a Christmas ornament to show off their number one interest! This particular ornament from Kurt Adler is perfect. It is beautiful, as it features a greenhouse with light blue and clear glass. Glitter accents and delicate plants surround it.

This ornament will be perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree or an ornament stand for the holidays. Or, it can be on display inside your home all year round!

Hanging Succulent Planter $

A hanging succulent planter can double as a piece of wall art in the home — what better gift could there be for a gardener? If the gardener in your life already has everything that they need to do their gardening, this can be an excellent alternative.

This wall succulent planter from Candyqueen will be gorgeous in any home. It is a heart-shaped planter and will be excellent for growing succulent plants and as a home decoration.

Tomato Trellis $

Does the gardener in your life specialize in growing fruits and veggies — particularly tomatoes? Then a tomato trellis may be the perfect option for a gift.

If your gardener loves growing various tomatoes, then they will love this gift. If you prefer handmade gifts, you can also make your own.

Garden Kneeling Pad $$

This is a gift that your gardener probably does not even know that they need. However, after they use this for the first time, they most likely will never work in the garden again without it.

If you’ve seen a gardener at work, you’ve probably seen them squatting or bending over uncomfortably to pick weeds and prune their plants. As you can probably imagine, this tends to lead to knee and back problems. This perfect gift of a garden kneeling pad will solve their largest issue in the garden!

The pad is made from a high-impact EVA foam, so it will stay comfortable on the knees. The gardener will appreciate the fact that you thought about their comfort. This is an extra-special gift for an aging gardener so that they can continue gardening without putting extra pressure on their joints.

Black+Decker 20V Chainsaw $$$

Black + Decker is one of the most well-known brands in America for home tools, and any gardener is sure to love this Black+Decker chainsaw. This particular chainsaw comes with a 20V battery that is transferable to Black+Decker’s other 20V items, such as their weed wacker. With a fully-charged battery, you will get 30 to 40 minutes per charge — perfect for landscaping the garden!

This chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so if the user has any issues with it, they will be covered.

Brush Grubber $$$

Maybe the person that you’re gifting to is tired of old tree roots and stumps taking up space in their garden? If they are willing to put in some landscaping work, then this brush grubber is a gift that they will need.

This brush grubber is made of steel and various other durable materials. It will grasp onto the tree or stump that is up to 4 inches in diameter and will help them remove the tree stumps or roots much easier.

Miniature Greenhouse $$

It’s rare for folks to own a full greenhouse these days, and it’s also impractical to gift someone a full greenhouse. Why not give them the gift of a mini greenhouse, then? This will give the power of a greenhouse to a small space so that the gardener in your life can give plants room to grow, start an herb garden, or transplant flowers.

This mini greenhouse is compact with four shelves, making it perfect for balconies, patios, and small backyards. The shelves have powder-coated steel bars and a polyethylene plastic cover to keep it intact throughout all seasons.

Garden Knife $$

A high-quality garden knife can be the perfect gift for a gardener, especially one who is just getting started in it. It is an all-in-one garden tool. Although it looks like a war-era knife, it will trim back hedges, weed, transplant plants, and do just about anything else in the garden that requires a firm hand.

This knife comes with a sharpening tool for both edges, a high-quality handle, and a genuine leather sheath. The handle even has a looped hole so that it can be hung for storage.

Boot Scraper $

Although gardeners love the outdoors, they probably want to leave all of the dirt and mud outside rather than track it inside their house. A boot scraper is incredibly useful for this and is a tool that your gardener most likely does not have.

To use it, you simply prop the plates open, stand on either side of it, and drag one boot at a time across the brush system. It’s that easy!

This will work well with various boots and shoes. This is one of the most functional gardening gifts, and they will be sure to appreciate it for years to come.

Garden Hose $$

I know what you’re thinking — what gardener doesn’t already have a garden hose? Well, that may be true — but everyone needs an upgrade eventually. Does the gardener on your gift list have constant leaks or a taped-up garden hose?

The solution is a garden hose made of durable latex. With this one from Hospaip, you will get 50 feet of hose that coils up into a small pile. Each end has incredibly durable brass fixtures.

The best part is the spray nozzle that comes along with this hose. It has eight settings that allow for various pressure levels — perfect when tending to delicate flowers and crops.

Root Mushroom Farm Shiitake Growing Kit $$

Do you know someone who loves to garden, but just doesn’t have the yard for it? This is the perfect gift, then — a Root Mushroom Farm Shiitake Growing Kit. It includes everything that they will need to grow a small shiitake garden.

Keep in mind that this is a time-sensitive gift, so don’t purchase it too early! Once you buy it, you should store it in a fridge for no more than five to seven days before gifting it. The kit includes a humidity tent, log, and a spray bottle.

Shiitake mushrooms take 10 to 14 days to grow, and it will help your gardener gain some new knowledge and experience when it comes to gardening!

Seed Starting Kit $

Many gardeners tend to start their own seeds because it saves money and allows for more variety. Because of this, a seed starting kit is an excellent gift to give.

These will also allow the gardener to control how their plants grow throughout the process. So, even if they do not currently start their own seeds, they may try this method out because of your gift and fall in love with it!

Tabletop Gardening Kit $$$

A tabletop gardening kit is another excellent gift for someone who loves to garden but doesn’t have space in their yard to do so. This could even be a great gift for someone who doesn’t garden but wants to give it a try!

This may also give people who have gardens in their yard a chance to grow something when the weather isn’t cooperating with them.

Self-Watering Planter $

Do you have a gardener on your list that also loves to travel? A self-watering planter can help serve both of those passions! It can be an absolute life-saver for a gardener while they’re away on vacation.

With a self-watering planter, they won’t have to worry about coming home to a house full of dead plants.

Gardening Sign $$

If you’re truly stuck on what to get the gardener in your life, a garden sign is fail-proof — especially if you know their personality. It can add some life and color to their garden, particularly if they’re growing vegetables and not flowers.

There are some hilarious signs out there, and it will make their garden more like their own. You can’t go wrong with this gift! You can even make your own if you wish to, for a handmade touch.

Grow Light $

A grow light is another excellent option for the gardener that starts their own seeds. Or, it can work well for one who grows microgreens.

This will be an amazing gift to gardeners who like to prolong the gardening season or ones who grow indoors throughout the entire year. They will need something like this to help their plants grow properly!

Camping Wagon $$$

We don’t recommend gifting any ordinary wagon. However, a camping wagon can be excellent for gardening tasks that need a lot of work. This may be tending to well-overgrown weeds or coming back from a long vacation.

A camping wagon may be a gardener’s new best friend. It has rugged wheels to roll over any surface easily. It has a high cargo capacity to store any tools or yard waste. This will help keep everything organized incredibly well!

Gifts to Avoid Giving a Gardener

So, what should you avoid gifting to the gardener in your life?

Inexpensive, Cheap Tools

While it may be tempting to give a gardener an inexpensive set of hand tools with a beautiful design, this isn’t very practical. If they’re inexpensive, then they are most likely inexpensive for a reason and will perform terribly. The gardener won’t be able to get much use out of them before they wear out or break, thus making them a terrible gift to give.

General Gardening Books

General gardening books can be full of information that a beginning gardener can get a lot of use of. However, if you’re gifting to a well-versed gardener, try to avoid these. They will not get any use out of these, and there are far better options that you can give them.

In Summary

When it comes to finding the best gardening gifts for the gardener in your life, it’s hard to go wrong. As long as the gift is somewhat related to gardening or plants, they will be sure to love it! Our biggest tip is to try and choose something that they don’t already have or something that they need for their gardening.

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