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Farm And Garden DIY is a blog that shares information about how to prepare, create, and maintain gardens in and out of your home regardless of where you live. Our goal is to help others learn to love gardening and reap the benefits that come with it.


Thanks for visiting our blog! We are the Eyerly’s – a large family full of adventure and excitement. We’ve been gardening as a family for about 8 years and we love it! We’ve learned a great deal about gardening and love sharing that information with you.


The information we share on this site may not always be “expert” advice or information. We’re still learning! However, we do our best to make sure our information is accurate and helpful. Regardless of your experience gardening, brand new to it or a seasoned grower, we hope our site helps you on your journey.


We started our outdoor garden shortly after purchasing our first home in Texas. It really started because there was an old cement block of a few steps out in the middle of our back yard and we didn’t know what to do with it and it was too heavy to move. So, we decided to build some sort of a frame and then filled the interior of the frame with dirt and mulch after killing the grass at the bottom. That original frame was 8x8x1 and once filled with dirt and mulch we planted a large variety of vegetables with which we had great success.

That small garden was used for two years as we were also growing our family. Due to the success of that garden, we decided to increase the size and in time, that 8×8 garden became a 16×16 garden. Shortly after the work was done to expand the garden we had to suddenly stop gardening due to a motorcycle accident that laid me up for the summer.

After getting well we resumed use of the garden the following year. We love the vegetables the garden produces and our kids have such a great time with us as we continue on our gardening journey. We hope to one day increase the size of the garden again, but for now our 16x16x1 seems to be working just fine.